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Accelerate Performance by Activating the Science of Inspiration

What do all of these outcomes have in common?

• Customer loyalty, trust, and referrals

• Employee engagement and performance

• Leadership and Management's ability to inspire results

• A resilient and agile workforce

• Memorable customer experiences

• Long term sustainable growth

• Organizational transformation

• Ideation and innovation implementation

Relationships that work.

Manager to employee, Executive to team leader, Associate to customer, Customer to friends, Caregiver to patient... equip these relationships with the science of inspiration and business goes further, faster. Learn how we can help you create highly productive and outrageously profitable working relationships.
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Employee Engagement

Customer Activation Strategies

Path to a Fully Engaged Company

Assess Inspiration

Reveal inspiration gap analysis of your organization through our proprietary assessment tools. Read more

Align Stakeholders

Connect and facilitate organizational and stakeholder resources around your purpose, vision and goals. Read more

Spread Inspiration

Equip your stakeholders – leaders, employees, customers and communities – to share, teach and collaborate. Read more

Embed Inspiration

Inculcate inspirational behaviors and practices that drive business outcomes in the best interest of your stakeholders. Read more

Check out some of our featured solutions to raise the bar on inspiration within your company. Learn more...

Explore Our Research

In our 2013 Most Inspiring Companies report, we unlock the reasons consumers fall in love with brands, engage with them, and advocate for them. We now know that there are four dimensions of inspiration that matter most to customers and employees. Discover how you can apply the findings and practices of America's Most Inspiring Companies to engage your customers and employees alike.

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Do you know what triggers inspiration in your customer or in your teams at work?

Take advantage of our high energy workshop, Lead to Inspire, and discover how to activate inspiration to ignite engagement and loyalty. Perfect for your next leadership event.

"Lead to Inspire was a one of a kind experience and our leadership team benefited greatly by your ability to take something so abstract like inspiration and make it incredibly practical." Chick Waddell, Autotrader

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About Us

We are a management consulting and training firm that focuses on employee engagement and leadership development.

We help leaders discover and activate the Science of Inspiration™ and not just the science of motivation.

Engage, Inspire. Perform


<b><u>Authenticity</u></b> shows up when a leader is transparent, vulnerable, and teachable. <b><u>Affirmation</u></b> is defined as a willingness to overtly express appreciation and validation for another’s strengths and/or aspirations. <b><u>Vision</u></b> is defined as an ability to see and communicate the difference in what “is” and what “can be.” Leaders need to be able to cast vision for individuals as well as for the organizations they serve. <b><u>Credibility</u></b> is defined in five dimensions. Intellectual Growth, Emotional Mastery, Relationships, Ethical Practices, Courage. <b><u>Progress</u></b> is defined as an understanding of the sequential pathway of growth from “what is” to what “can be.” <b><u>Story</u></b> is defined as the ability to connect with others at an emotional level through the use of parables, metaphors, allegory, symbols, and music. <b><u>Servant Leadership</u></b> is a willingness to leverage your assets and influence as a leader to advance the vision and mission of others without regards to a returned favor. Activate Leaders - Elevate retention<br />Inspire engagement<br />Culture of innovation Activate Employees - Appreciation for other's strengths<br />Alignment of personal and work aspirations<br />Culture of appreciation and affirmation<br />Resilience in going through change Activate Markets - Brand Evangelism<br />Community Development<br />Customer Loyalty<br />Community Involvement<br />Memorable customer experiences Inspiration DNA - Uncovers the inspirational attributes of your brand and your unique WHY - the core beliefs/values and purpose that bring meaning to what you do as a company. Ready to Inspire - Gain exponential discretionary effort<br />Identify unspoken rules that hold us back,<br />Activate others around your purpose driven WHY